Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thursday, May 31: Caught the 9:38am “Roam” bus—powered by electricity—for the Upper Hot Springs outside Banff. We entered through a classic old building; the hot springs pool water runs right into the shower/changing rooms for comfortable access. It was 40 degrees F outside and 40 degrees C in the pool (about 104). A cold, cloudy day, but one of the locals said it’s the best time to take the waters. It was heavenly! After changing we had an ice cream, then went for a hike up the mountain toward where the tram docks and walked around the grounds for about an hour till the bus came to take us back to our motel. The sun was out, so cooked a picnic lunch outside. In the afternoon we went for a drive on a scenic loop on Highway #1 to Johnston Creek Canyon. It was amazing! Walked 2.5km along the river to the upper falls sometimes on catwalks mounted on the side of the canyon walls. Yikes. Saw a fairy orchid, calypso, and a gold-mantled ground squirrel. Coming back we saw female elk walking around town nibbling on the landscape plants, sort of like in “Northern Exposure.” Supper and to bed early. Not much of a “rest” day!

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