Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2: Our off the road day at Miette Hot Springs near Jasper Alberta started out raining and stayed that way most of the day, but we headed for the hot springs pool after breakfast anyway. A little rain wasn't about to dampen our spirits. We were there when the doors opened and stayed for about an hour in a downpour. Let me tell you, if there were a hot springs within a hundred miles of home we would be there a lot. Sue is just lovin' it! Since we couldn't go out and play, little Ronnie and Susie had to stay in and did a lot of cooking and napping. At 4:30pm the weather cleared and we decided on a 40 minute hike (our usual two miles a day). Well, once you get my mule named Sue headed uphill I couldn't hold her back. Two hours later and just past the first lookout on Sulphur Ridge and back our little hike was over! I should have brought oxygen and a ladder where she took me. Went for some great homemade pizza at the lodge dining room and another dip in the hot springs pool. We closed the joint at 9pm or as they say here, 2100. A game of cards and taps at 10pm. I can't believe the sun is still shining.

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