Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday, June 6: Every little town has its “jewels,” and Houston BC is no different. Spent the morning updating the blog, had a bite of lunch and then off to explore. Took a river trail (Morice River) two miles to the edge of town then back downtown to Steelhead Park. We saw a beautiful Steelhead Fountain there and colorful Spring gardens. Houston calls itself “The Steelhead Fishing Capitol of the World”; I guess fishing the Morice is pretty splendid for steelhead, Chinook and Coho. Too bad the river is swollen with so much rain; Ron would have liked to give it a try! But no one can dispute, Houston has the biggest flyrod in the world—it’s 60’ long and weighs 800#! The park also is home to a model of an ancient stone, silver-ore grinder, a gift to Equity Silver from its sister mine in Mexico. There are even familiar political debates here! All the talk of fish made me crave some, so Ron took me out for a delicious salmon dinner. And politcs is everywhere! What a nice, relaxing day this has been, and good thing too—lots to see between here and Stewart BC tomorrow!

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