Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12: Slept in a bit. Ron just got back from a drive into town; it’s like a ghost town compared to yesterday. Guess the pilot car started taking people out last night about 7pm, and, being eager to get on the road after five days, for some, off they went! Had a little breakfast in our room, then headed for the Signpost Forest. Found the sign for Superior in the nearly 80,000 signs there! An injured soldier was assigned light duty during the building of the Alcan Highway (1942); he was to freshen the painted direction/distance signs at the intersection of the airport road and Watson Lake proper. He decided to put up a sign for his hometown also, and a tradition was born! (Watson Lake was one of the big staging areas for the building of the Alcan; the highway roughly followed airfields across Canada and into Alaska.) Grabbed a scrumptious burger with the works at a local truckstop, then took a walk around Wye Lake—nice interpretive trail. Found a piece of wood to make our own sign for the Signpost Forest. Cooked supper in the rain under the hatch door of the Passat. Our host let us eat at the community table/gathering spot at the motel. Met lots of interesting fellow travelers there; some had been there since Thursday because of the washouts. One of the bikers had a helmet cam; can you imagine the film he must take?! We also had some good conversations with Michael, our German host; he loved our Passat! After supper we took in a beautiful show about the aurora borealis at the local planetarium, and then drove out to see the display at the airport about the airdrops that took place there during the building of the Alcan Highway. Off too bed early; don’t know what the road repairs will be like tomorrow.

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