Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, June 3: Such a nice kitchen at the Miette Hot Springs cottage, I decided to prepare some black beans and brown rice for the week before we checked out at 11am. Stopped in Jasper Alberta for groceries and beer, and then on the road to Prince George British Columbia. Beautiful mountains, forests, and lakes and wide valleys. The wind is low and the scenery is stunningly reflected in the smooth lakes. A good day for wildlife--bighorn sheep, a moose, a black bear and a wolf! More herfords mixed in with the angus and dude ranches. We follow the mighty Frasier River and its beautiful valley between us and the Cariboo Mountains. We take a hike into the Driscoll Ancient Forest, a product of the Interior Wetbelt, composed of huge western red cedars 1000-2000 years old; I also see yellow violets, great Soloman's seal, Devils's Club (we saw in Alaska) and a 3' tall lily plant with huge leaves. We follow the river all the way to Prince George, then turn to find our bed and breakfast south of the city. A welcome sight after a long day on the road.

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