Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friday, June 22: Slept in a bit, washed a load of clothes and off to the Riverside Campground (on the Chena River) to hang out a couple days before heading toward Anchorage. The camera is working today; we were charging it on a switched outlet—no wonder it didn’t work! Sue fixes us a nice turkey sandwich and iced tea for a picnic outside, (Penney likes it by the river too) then we go to the Up North Gallery (artifacts, arts and crafts of Alaska) at the U of AK—wonderful. My favorite is the carvings in ivory and Blue Babe—a 36,000-year-old steppe bison mummy—the whole body! The architecture of the building is amazing. We decide to go back to the Pump House for supper. It’s a beautiful day to sit outside by the river and have an elkburger, sweet potato fries and spinach salad—yummy and watch the boats go by. We tried the beer sampler; I am in love with “hefe” beer! Met a local named JR Ramos who says, “Don’t miss the Spit! (meaning Homer Spit) and when JR talked, you listened—as did everyone else in the restaurant—reminded me of my Dad. Then back to the campground for ice cream and strawberries and conversation. Sue and Chuck’s daughter is coming in tonight, but we can’t wait up. Too sleepy—haven’t caught up from yesterday yet! (Turns out her flight was really late--routed back to Seattle ‘cause someone left the cap off the water tank to the toilet, an icicle formed and the drag used up too much fuel—had to go back and re-fuel to make it to Fairbanks!)

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