Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30: Had breakfast at our motel in Lethbridge Alberta with a nice couple from Holland, then headed for the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden--replica of a traditional Japanese home surrounded by lovely grounds, ranked 22 out of 130 similar gardens in North America. We took a nice two-mile walk around Henderson Lake next to the Gardens, and then were ready to settle in for the drive to Banff AB. It wasn't long before we got our first glimpse of the Canadian Rockies and a huge wind generator farm on its flanks. Ron spotted some buffalo grazing, then we drove through lots of open plains and small towns before we had to negotiate our way through Calgary AB, population one million plus. Like traveling through the Twin Cities. Spotted the Olympic Ski Jump as we turned west toward Banff, and soon there was a chill in the air from the snow-covered mountains all around us. Finally had to stop at Lac des Arcs, Lake of the Bows, (where the natives cut saplings for their bows) and shoot some photos and take it all in. Stupifying! Banff and Jasper AB (our next destination) are both within the many-thousands-of-acres Banff National Park; they must use the park fees to keep up the roads. They are really great! We passed some burned over sidehills on our way through the park and Ron spotted some elk--how does he do that and drive too? (We are sure glad we didn't bring the 5th-wheeler; some of the roads have been challenging and we aren't even to the Yukon yet!) Settled in our little motel in this tourist city that reminds me of Stillwater--fancy hotels and restaurants, quaint shops and art galleries--but mountains every where you look. Wow! (Didn't use the wipers today!--yeah!)

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