Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27: Even in the rain the low hills and plains of Montana are beautiful. Not as many potholes (ponds) but more horses in this Northern Plains country. We see our first, of many, oil rigs and scattered pods of temporary housing for the crews working around Williston ND. The town itself is extremely busy, with trucks at every crossing and people everywhere. How do all these folks get fed? We were puzzled about the snow geese, pelicans and gulls flying over the highway until I looked at the Nuvi screen and realized that over the hills to our left was the Missouri River! Took a little sidetrip in Culbertson (oldest city in MT--1867) to go down to the river and see "the breaks"--high, steep hills close to the river. Enjoying the new blacktop on Highway 2 till it turned into 14 miles under construction! Expected in the Yukon, but not here. Saw a monument to a band of Assiniboine who lost 94% of their band to small pox brought by furtraders in the late 1830s, and a massive "Sleeping Buffalo Rock" at the spot where the Cree used to cross the Missouri. We traveled along side a "long drag" train for miles; never saw traincars from China before! Saw a ring-necked pheasant too, but the most welcome sight was the Super 8 in Havre MT after a long day on the road.

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