Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, May 23: On the road by 11am. Ron had lots to do since he was gone most of the day Tuesday, including last stops at Terry Hooper's, the church and to fuel the car. Had a great lunch in Grand Rapids MN: Dottie's--a "mom and pop" with great food and hard ice cream! Drove out of the rain into clouds, then sun--and into the wind. Pretty straight road to Devil's Lake ND--lots of ducks, geese, large fields and potholes. Every farm has a windbreak; they tell us the tree of choice is cottonwood--grows fast and grows tall. We are amazed when we start seeing the first bays of Devil's Lake; it is huge, largest natural lake in ND. 1993-1999 it doubled in size displacing 300 homes (see picture), and continues to rise! As we cross the lake to Grahams Island where our cabin is, there is work going on to raise the road from the encroaching water. After a quick supper of leftovers from home at "Bass" cabin, we take a little walk and see the closed roads and paths as a result of the lake rising. This is going to be a facinating place to see!

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