Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, May 29: Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day holiday! Left Havre MT about 9am, stopped to refresh supplies (sorry--went to the "W" store) then headed for Lethbridge Alberta. Didn't get far before we we were stopped for road work--blasting a huge outcrop to prevent rockslides on the highway. The plains have really flattened now, few cows and more horses, and extensive planted green fields and golden-yellow expanses of wheat stubble. We saw mountains with snow on them far to our left, along the Missouri River, and then in the distance on our right, three clumps of the Sweet Grass Hills at about 7ooo' each (hills?!). The hills were sacred to the Blackfeet; young mean did their vision quests there, and they served as a look-out for game and intruders. We have seen lots of white crosses on red poles along the Hi-Line (what the locals in Montana call Highway 2 as it follows the railroad) signifying a road fatality. Saw pronghorns in the fields and and a huge wind farm (there should be more the way the wind never stops here!). We had a little picnic lunch at Shelby MT before the rain hit again, then we turned north to cross the border into Canada. Just outside Lethbridge AB we saw a yard full of wind generator parts. Maybe they will come! (Ron says we have used our windshield wipers everyday since we left on 5/23; that means we are due for some sunshine any day now!) Oh, thanks to the givers of the electric cooler! It has worked wonderfully!

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