Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday, May 25: Tidied up our little cabin then on the road before 10am--destination, International Peace Gardens on the USA/Canadian border (such a lovely sentiment). Pretty much straight north for an hour. The weather got cooler and wetter (some snow in the air). Saw a spot where wind generators were scattered all over the hills by the highway, and then a marker for the geographical center of North America in Rugby ND. Not much to see by way of flowers at the Peace Gardens (too early), but the entrance was grand, especially the Peace Towers (a 911 monument)which we could see from many points throughout the park. We enjoyed the two 3-mile loop autotour (too cold and wet for a hike). Saw some neat birds (white pelican, ring-neck duck, buffle head, loon and a red-necked grebe), then brought our lunch into the Peace Gardens Restaurant--with their blessing and a bowl of hot, homemade chicken soup! Also had a nice chat with the IPG director about the extensive cactus greenhouse on site, with cacti from all over the world. We bailed on camping in Williston ND for a warm, dry motel room in Minot ND with a hot shower. (Lucky to find a room in Minot because the oil shale boom in Williston has brought thousands of workers to the area.) It was a great chance to get our blog site set up for the family and friends back home.

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