Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tuesday, July 3: Up at 7:30am; promised John I’d bake up some cinnamon rolls (in a can) for breakfast. John has prepared more raw fries and salmon bacon (yum!), then the guys go fishing while I blog a little. Then I pack up so we are ready when Ron comes up from the river. No luck with the fish (the Kenai is too high, fast and cold) but I take a walk down the flowered path to see the fishing spot, so lovely. We head for Anchorage AK and we are thrilled to see a moose in the boggy flat land along the coast. As we near Anchorage, the beautiful wooded mountains and perched lakes appear and then the rock craigs at our right and the waters of the Turnagain Arm on our left. The tide is very low and there are huge sandy flats exposed. We have a little struggle finding a place to stay. We thought we’d be camping next to Chuck and Sue but there’s no tenting in Anchorage proper. At last we find a room, have a nice bowl of homemade soup then go over to Golden Nuggget RV and spend a couple hours with Emmons; we are anxious to hear about their time in Seward (beautiful aquarium there and they took the tunnel to Whittier and saw the glacier) and they want to hear about our boat trip to Gull Island and Ron’s fishing experience. (I’m glad Ron got to wet a line; there’s not much we brought that we haven’t used.) We take a nice, brisk walk (Anchorage weather reminds us of Superior), then hit the hay. We’re awakened at midnight by fireworks, but we can’t see them through the trees outside our window. Goodnight again!

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