Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, July 14: (Dad Livermore’s birthday) Beautiful morning. Went out to the car to get my swim suit (lovely pool area here) and decided to talk Ron into a walk instead. Walked for an hour; found a lovely Heritage Park with buildings from Red Deer’s history—a gazebo from the Gaetz house, the man that founded the town, and a steeple from one of the oldest churches. Also strolled through a huge farmer’s market; bought some garden carrots and raspberries for the road. We drive through undulating countryside with groves of trees and lots of ag and horses. Just a couple hours and we are in Calgary, population 1,065,000 and Ms Nuvi can't zero in on the address. We are forced to stop and ask directions; (we can't call our B&B 'cause we don't really know where we are!) Found a nice old fellow at an A&W who gave us directions; (three of the young employees had no idea what the highway was that went past their work, muchless how to get where we needed to go!) Good thing we weren't in a hurry! Saw lots of cowboy hats and boots on folks on the streets as we wound our way to our B&B, a little garden spot in the middle of highrise apartments and offices--20 minutes from the riverwalk and 20 minutes from tomorrow's Stampede--perfect. Our host did not want us to leave all our gear in the car on the street, so it took many trips to totally unpack, but at last we are ready to relax over a little supper and do some reading and blogging. Have I told you how nice it is to know you are with us on our journey? Thanks for listening. Talk to you tomorrow.

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