Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday, July 7: Cool, but sunny! What a jewel this place is--the beautiful glacial –blue lake, the mountains all around, the cozy cabin, the community room where we meet so many interesting people, and the ghost of Silver City in the tumbled-down log cabins on the way in. We were wondering about them yesterday when we came. The spot started out as a First Nation fish camp, then a post to refresh the miners of '98-'99 and a staging area during the building of the Alcan. There was quite a silver fox trade here that gave the city its name. Today we’re back-tracking to Destruction Bay to get gas and we see a big grizzly on the road; they say the females around here are lighter-colored and the males, darker. It’s definately a girl! We stop at Soldier’s Summit and find it’s the spot where the ceremony for the opening of the Alcan in 11/42. It’s a nice ½-hour walk up the side of the mountain and a neat audiotape of the original ceremony and great vistas of the lake below—perfect. (The Alcan north and south actually joined at Contact Creek, not far from Watson Lake.) We head back to camp for a lunch of raw fries and hamburgers then back to the Kluane Park Visitor’s Center for a map of the walking trail up Sheep Mountain; Dall sheep are plentiful here in the early spring and fall--just our luck! We see a cross on the side of the mountain, and a run-down cabin; it belonged to a prospector named Alexander Fisher, and when he died, they buried him on the mountain. We park in a wide spot in the gravel road to the trail and head up the mountain, pass the parking lot and start up the footpath with our bear spray, belled walking-stick and head nets (the mosquitoes are fierce). After ½-hour on the trail we see fresh grizzly scat..take a picture and head back. That’s enough adventure for us! When we get back to camp we make popcorn, play a little cards and I blog till midnight. I see the sun go down for the first time in a month! And off to bed…Whitehorse YT and Tahkini Hot Springs tomorrow!

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