Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday, July 13: Up early because we went to bed so early. Thought we’d have breakfast, wash clothes and cook some rice and beans in the community kitchen. No milk left for continental breakfast, one washer was full of dirt and the other two were out of order, and the community kitchen was full of dirty dishes. Did I mention it was Friday the 13th? We booked a room in Red Deer about two hours south of Edmonton and boogied! Ate Sue’s yummy scones and fruit for breakfast on the road. Surprised that the sky continues to be hazy and smells of smoke. Ms. Nuvi found us a cute park in Spruce Grove just outside Edmonton to cook up beans and rice for lunch. Lots of moms and grandmas and little kids playing in a big sprinkler shaped like a dinosaur. One lady told us the smoke is from big fires in Russia!—we really are all part of a big web of life, aren’t we? On our second try we get on the bypass past Edmonton; we cross the huge Saskatchewan River that runs through it. There’s a lot of ag here too, and the massive canola fields, and scattered forests. Finally find the Red Deer Lodge; it’s a lovely surprise. Ron pulls his “military service” card and gets us a room overlooking the pool for under $100! Sorry to have a beer drop off our luggage cart and open and leave a big pool of foam in the lobby, but this place could use a little loosening up! Nice to have air—another hot evening. Find a really classy Laundromat, play cards and eat pizza while waiting. Can’t wait to get into the big, comfy bed!

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