Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16: Slept in a bit, then off to the riverwalk suggested by our host. Beautiful--lots of history, a mile of walk/bike sidewalk, green areas and the huge Bow River. We grab a bite of lunch from a super deli at a whole foods co-op then walk downtown to a Chinese Cultural Center. The first thing we see is the top of the building is a replica of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It was built, dis-assembled in China then brought here and re-assembled by craftsmen from there. The guide is very friendly and explains how the Chinese have influenced the culture of Calgary even though they were discriminated against and couldn't even vote till the 60s! We see a lot of Chinese porcelains and ceramics, garments of royalty and Chinese inventions. My favorite is an amazing reproduction of tigers all done in feathers. Ron has always been facinated with the terra cotta warriors and we see a replica that was done for a recent World's Fair. The origianl warriors (and horses) were found in the tomb of the First Emperor of China in a tomb measuring eight miles in circuference constructed 2000 yeaars ago by more that 700,000 workers over 37 years. Wow! Long walk back but we stop at a great Vietnamese restaurant on the way--the Golden Bell--yummy. A quiet evening of reading and blogging and dozing. Off to Fort MacLeod AB tomorrow--but not too early!

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