Sunday, May 3, 2009

Calvados area of France, near LaHavre

Thursday April 30
Day at sea-Had a little last choir member get together-Some cherry Swiss cake and coffee. Everyone wanted to express what a big part of the trip the choir was. Kind of a dress up night for captain’s farewell and formal night for dinner.
Friday May 1
LeHavre France: Today the adventure takes us thru the rolling Norman countryside to Chateau du Breuil which is a Calvados (apple brandy) distillery. Takes 15 years of blending and aging. We had a sample of the 41% Calvados and 6% apple cider. I sure got talkative after that. Our next taste bud experience was sampling some soft French cheese, hard bread and apple pie with rich Norman cream. I think I could go on the road with this stuff. I think I’m starting to get a French accent and have a desire to paint. The whole setting is quite picturesque with a creek, huge old trees and gardens. Then on to Honfleur, a 15th century fishing village that seems to have missed the destruction of WWII. Here is a walled harbor about the size of two football fields surrounded on three sides by shops and winding little streets radiating from there. The town’s folks were celebrating May Day so it was a bee hive of activity, music, and color. Many people eating large bowls of mussels in the shell. Really looked good--GAG!.This is home to the explorer Champlain. I felt so romantic I bought Sue some street vendor fresh made praline covered peanuts. What a guy. Back to the ship for our trip across the English Channel to Dover.

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