Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Seas on the Way to Blarney Castle

Tuesday April 28
Day at sea: Well, we wanted to taste everything a world cruise could offer and we got big ocean seas in spades. Captain said the seas were from 15-18ft. Some events were cancelled and others moved to lower decks to minimize the effects of the ships movement. I took some video thru a clean window, pretty cool. Great day to put on our last choir concert!! They put small tables around on stage for some to hang on to while singing. One fellow Lou in the back row took a fall but came up singing. Sue did pretty well thru it all. A special HI to Clint Johnson I forgot to acknowledge his watching the blog. If things are bad in the Twin Ports for electrical work they aren’t any better anyplace else either. So setting up an international branch of Electric Systems probably isn’t a good idea.
Wednesday April 29
Cobh Ireland: Weather is my stereotype of Ireland and England. Foggy and drizzly. The bus takes us thru town to see the various statues and buildings representing important aspects of the town’s history. This was the last port the Titanic sailed from before she sank. What stood out in my mind as unique to this area is the preservation of the stone and dirt fences made hundreds of years ago as a dividing up of the lands that the feudal kings owned. Many of these parcels were only an acre in size; that is the amount left to each landowner when the feudal lords took over. The resulting view of the countryside is like a patchwork quilt of fields with the large brushy rocky fences. We were serenaded by a great Irish band during lunch. They were rockin. A few Irish beers and 5 young Irish lasses doing their fling had everybody hooting and hollering. Then off to Blarney castle. Even with the light fog, the brightness of the day was enough to really highlight the magnolias, rhododendrons, and azaleas against the bright green lawns of the castle yard. The castle was complete with winding little staircases that led to the top where you could walk around the perimeter and pretend you had a bow and arrow or a pot of boiling oil to pour down on a would-be attacker. My wife kissed the Blarney stone--like she needed any more blarney. Then on to the Blarney wool outlet. Some nice leisure time for shopping and relaxing. Spent some time in a turn of the century railroad station next to the ship. Bob Bender would have enjoyed it.

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