Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sailing to the Cayman Islands

Wednesday, January 14
We had to have our bags outside our door at 9am Wednesday, so we had time for a nice walk before we checked out. The Princess bus picked us up and took us to a terminal in Fort Everglades. By the time we checked in all our documents and boarded the ship, it was time for our first dining experience. The meal was “wow” and the view as we sailed out of the colorfully lit harbor was magnificent!
Thursday, January 15--Happy Birthday, Ginger
The next day was a sea day—good for settling in. I set up a yoga class, finished the unpacking, found the laundry, walking track and the library. We are still struggling to learn our way around the ship, as are many of the other passengers. The ship is very swanky, wood and gilt everywhere. I think we are out of our league! After dinner we find a dance, tho it’s challenging to keep balance as the ship rolls; then a comedian named Monthey. He is a riot!
Friday, January 16
By morning were are docked out away from the beautiful Grand Cayman Island. Tenders come out to take us for our tour of the capital, Georgetown, and the rest of this gloriously warm, clean, safe island—only 22x8 miles. The only bad news is that we can’t snorkel—the gov’t has closed the beaches because there is too much wind—nuts! We do get off the tour bus at a community called Hell because of the odd coral/ dolostone outcrops, a green sea turtle refuge and release center, and a rum and rumcake factory before our driver drops us off downtown for a tour on our own. I find a watch battery and we go into one of Cayman’s 150 banks to get some local coins. By the time we get back to the ship and clean up for dinner, we are pooped. It’s hard work having fun! When we return to our cabin Ron figures out how to download pictures to the laptop, I log a little and z-z-z-z-z-z!


  1. Don't you miss the snow & Leinenkugels?

  2. I've been waiting to hear from you guys. I think Dad forgt his glasses here. Should I send them? If you can send me an email please let me know.
    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

  3. You sure picked a good week to start your vacation. You sure have already done alot in a short amount of time. This blog was a great idea! Be safe!

  4. Donna & Jerry here. Finally found our way to your blog. We leave here Fri. Will check in again when we get to FL. Just a very small jaunt compared to yours. ENJOY!