Wednesday, January 28, 2009


  1. Hi Ron and Sue,
    Last time I tried to write a comment it didn't go thru. Really enjoy reading your updates. So glad your trip is going so well and even your past days on the ocean have been interesting with nice weather. Sounds like you're both keeping busy besides getting your exercise. And now you even joined a singing group. Remember this Thur.
    we HCE meets at Country Peace to enjoy Philipino cooking. Getting together on the 9th for for quilting project. We do miss you,
    Bernie was saying last Sun., I wish Ron was here. We're waiting for warmer weather!!!!
    Happy Sailing. The M&M's

  2. Dear Ron and Sue: We are enjoying your account of your trip. The latest issue of the Nature Conservancy magazine had a wonderful article about sea turtles with great pictures. How neat to see them in person! It has warmed up a bit - 40 above yesterday - seems like summer. We've had Canadian visitors at the bird feeders lately: Pine siskins and red polls. Yesterday our neighborhood merlin flew in looking for lunch and all the little birds scattered. Had the neighborhood pileated woodpecker stop for suet this morning. Do you see any sea birds while aboard ship?