Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barcelona, land of the Catalans

Thursday April 23
Barcelona Spain: This was a half day tour that should have been a full day. Great city-It was St. George’s Day. The whole city was on vacation. Roses for the girls and books for the boys. The trip was a lot of slow down and shoot pictures fast. Got to see the Olympic village of 13 years ago. The highlight was getting a good look at Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Temple. This is like seeing the Pyramids or the Parthenon half done. Have been working on it for over a hundred years-probably another 50 to finish it. Check it out on Google for more of the story and pictures. There are 80 stone craftes working on this cathedral now. Passed by a couple of bull fight arenas. Today bullfighting isn’t very popular so they are used for concerts, Back on the ship we watch a flamenco folkloric show; it was a real heel-stompen, guitar-strummen, Spanish-singen event!

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