Monday, March 30, 2009

Singapore--a most progressive city!

Tuesday March 24
We have heard a lot of cities boasting of their most this and that in the world but Singapore is the Queen. It is the most technological urban area in the world. They recycle all of their water, grow a lot of their food from water and air –no dirt; incinerate all the refuse and put the ash in a lagoon that will be good to the year 2040.Very little crime, no guns, green spaces everywhere and the highest standard of living in the Asian area. It is the largest port in the world with a ship coming and going every 3 minutes. It also, amazingly enough, has the cleanest water in the bays. We actually saw a boat with workers dip netting any trash that did get into the water. It is against the law to sell chewing gum. Big fines for littering. This city is literally exploding with life and building and green spaces. It’s a true dream-destination. Had fun at a metal smithy shop banging out a pewter bowl and taking a tour of the pewter craft shop- world class art. We visited the historic Chinatown that has the chaotic crush of shopping in small stalls facing walking-only streets minus the mud and foul smells that we saw in other stops in southeast Asia. Finished the day at the international Raffles Hotel where the famous Singapore Sling was invented. We ate peanuts, threw the shells on the floor –per tradition-and had one of these famous drinks at The Long Bar. We got a new captain on board today for the rest of the voyage, and have a champagne sail-away to welcome the new captain.

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